Demand for pools increases during pandemic

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Pools are going in across the Valley.

"Everything's been a little crazy. And we've been trying to keep up with the demand. When everything was going on with the pandemic, everybody kind of put everything on hold. Then it hit 90 a couple of weeks and a few weeks went by, things settle down a little, but then everybody wanted a pool. They want to invest in their backyards," said Ben Bogdanov, Vineyard Pools President & Owner.

Vineyard Pools crews are working non-stop to build pools. They've seen a big surge of interest as people sheltered in place.

"It went from we could see people in or a week or so and then we got 20 to 50 calls over the weekend or so, and we're just trying to call people back. You've got to design it and fit it in and go through that whole process. We're just trying to get to everybody," Bogdanof said.

Like many companies, they've dealt with juggling permits and a reliable crew when the demand has boomed.

"It's tough to change your company to increase with demand because we're concerned with quality and building them nice. So we can't just go from 80-100 to 200 pools. You're going to have to change what you do. It's a long process, a lot of people working there and we want to be able to have those same guys," Bogdanof said.
Pools take about eight weeks from start to finish.

Bogadanof says clients have expressed a wide range of reasons for putting in a pool, from the hot weather to the shelter in place.

"Several people that specifically had a vacation to Europe or wherever. They had to cancel those plans and decided to put their money into a pool; somewhere where they can be and they know they can go and be safe enjoy the backyard," Bogdanof said.

Pools start at $30,000 and on average, most will spend around $40,000 to $50,000 on a pool.

Crews will be holding pools year-round weather permitting. Vineyard Pools tell us people have already signed up for a pool for next year.
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