Couple fights back against porch pirates by filling old Amazon boxes with dogs' feces

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A couple from San Diego, fed up with porch pirates taking their packages has come up with a way to keep them away for good.

The Castillo family says they've had several packages taken from their doorstep. So they decided to enlist the help of their five dogs - to fight fire with feces.

They decided to take put some of their dogs' poop into an old Amazon envelope and stick it out on their porch, as bait.

"I even put a little box inside so they would feel like the envelope would have something so they would want to reach for something," said Marisol Castillo.

Well it didn't take long for two people to spot the package and walk right up their door to take it.

And not long after, a neighbor sent them a picture of the discarded package, and the personalized note she had written inside.

The Castillo family says they haven't ruled out doing it again.
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