Fresno's Pro Culinary gives chefs new opportunity to run a business

At Pro Culinary in Central Fresno, It's all about providing cooks with an opportunity.

It's a commercial kitchen, a licensed commissary, and culinary incubator all wrapped into one.

It's the only place like it in all of the Central Valley.

"We literally searched from the Mexican border to Oregon, to Nevada, to the Central Coast to find anything like Pro Culinary. There are a lot of things that come close, but there is nothing like us anywhere else," said co-founder Mike Cook.

Through a monthly membership, people can rent out the kitchen hourly.

Members get access to almost everything inside.

From stoves to fridges, to dishware.

Everything in the kitchen and the tasting room can be shifted and moved around to fit anyone's needs.

Cook says they're not just giving people a place to work, but also a place to grow their business.

"We bring that business acumen to the table. if you are a great chef, but you can't do a balance sheet, you can't run a restaurant. We are going to help you with that, we are going to let you shine. You do your artistry ion the kitchen, well help you with the nuts and bolts and balance sheets," he said.

The tasting room adds another element.

Business owners can rent and transform it into their own restaurant.

Co-founder Matthew McComas says it's perfect for those breaking into the culinary business

"They no longer have the $12,000 dollar a month bill, the $25,000 cost to open up a place. You are literally paying $250 dollars for a year and then you rent our kitchen by the hour and we are now your restaurant," he said.

Prices vary depending on your membership.

The lowest is free and the highest is $350 a month, which cuts kitchen rental prices in half.

Once they get more business they'll start up their Pro Culinary's Diner Club.

For just one penny a month people will be able to purchase from cooks there.
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