Local dairy processor holds job fair

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Everyday, Producers Dairy sends millions of gallons of milk from their Fresno facility to schools and stores across Central and Northern California. Now they need more people to help them bring milk to their customers.

"So today we've got our first job fair ever. We've been around for 84 years and we're reaching out to various people for various positions because we want to have the right people here," said Richie Shehadey, Producers Dairy Marketing and Communications Director.

Shehadey with producers was pleasantly surprised at the turnout at the fair. Within the first two hours 100 people had shown up to interview including Stephanie Naranjo.

"I barely came from Michigan and I heard this place has really really good jobs. So I wanted to see if I can get in."

Job seekers were able to fill out applications and interview for one of 26 available positions.

"We're looking for positions in our operations group, our maintenance, we're looking filler operators, we are looking at truck drivers with commercial licenses. A lot of different positions," said Shehadey.

A few months ago, the company put in a new milk line and has expanded in the region. The growth means a need for more employees.

As for applicants, many like Naranjo were attracted to the company for the pay and health benefits as well.

"Somewhere where I can advance. I just want a career, somewhere I can advance. I'm already 30 so I really want to make something permanent."

The job fair ran from 8:00 a.m. until noon on Wednesday.

If you missed out on the job fair at Producers Dairy you can apply online.

Company officials said they are always looking for the right fit for their Valley based company.
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