Prosecutors: Picture of Daniel Green with new woman too much for Erika Sandoval to handle

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- During his closing arguments on Friday, Tulare County Assistant District Attorney David Alavezos played a recording from February 9th, 2015, in which Erika Sandoval denies killing her ex-husband three days before.

Then Tulare County Sheriff's Office Investigator Rodney Klaussen tells Sandoval she is the only person, besides Green, seen on video going to and from his home.

"You are going to go in front of a jury and a jury is going to hear all about the evidence and they're going to see our videos and then they're going to hear the statement that you made to us when you admitted what you did," Klaussen tells Sandoval. "And they're going to hear the story that you're giving now. And when they compare all of that to this lie here, they're going to look at you and say, 'There's a woman who thinks nothing but herself, doesn't care about anybody but Erika, and has absolutely no remorse at all for brutally shooting and killing a man in his own home while he's sitting on a toilet and unable to defend himself.'"

More than four years later, Sandoval has admitted to killing Green, but says she regretted it right away, because he was the father of her child.

On the witness stand two weeks ago, she said she went to snoop around at Green's home on the day she killed him because she was concerned about her son's living conditions.

"She testified she was worried over the way (their son) was acting and that she had conversations with Daniel about that and that's why she called 120 times in four days," Alavezos said. "That was a lie. Those texts that were going on were over clothes and the fact he had a new girlfriend, and that he wasn't going to get back together with her."

Alavezos says a picture of Green with a new woman was too much for Sandoval to handle, explaining that it made her realize she would no longer be able to control Green.

"And if he ends up having a relationship with this girl that gets serious, there's no more leash, it's gone, it's broken," Alavezos said. "Now I have to get used to really sharing (our son). Not being able to come over and spend time with him and (our son). That's not going to happen."

On Thursday, Alavezos played a recording of Green telling Sandoval he lives in constant fear of Sandoval doing something to him.

On Friday, Alavezos told jurors Green told at least three other people about those fears.

"Daniel let Kenneth know that if he ever came up missing or dead, Erika Sandoval either did it or was involved in having it done, and this is five days before he was murdered," Alavezos said. "It was the second time Daniel had made that statement to Kenneth that he can remember and Daniel had concern in his voice when he made the statement."

The defense will begin their closing statements on Tuesday afternoon.
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