This 'Pumpkin House' displays over 3,000 jack-o-lanterns every year

Each year a local farm delivers thousands of gourds to the Kenova House in early October where volunteers engage in a several day jack-o-lantern frenzy.

Ric Griffith, who now owns the home, oversees the volunteers who scoop out and carve the pumpkins to get set for Halloween.

More than 3,000 jack-o-lanterns are set out at the home to represent the population of the town.

"The volunteers are my favorite part partly because they bail me out each year and helped me do this but also because of their reaction. They are proud that we have this in our area. And I never thought of it in those terms that when we first began but they actually invite people that they know from other areas to come in," Griffith said.

The Pumpkin House has been a Kenova destination for nearly 30 years.
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