QB&A with Trent Dilfer: If Jake Haener has 1st round grade, he should leave for NFL Draft

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- This week, Fresno State legend and Super Bowl champion Trent Dilfer joins Sports Director Stephen Hicks to discuss topics such as the Raiders coming up short against the Giants, how the team can move on from off-field distractions and Fresno State's loss against Boise State.

All topics include:

  • Raiders come up short against the Giants
  • How Vegas can move on from off field distractions
  • Jordan Love's debut for Green Bay
  • How visiting teams give seats to wives/girlfriends
  • Bills problems: real or an aberration?
  • Bigger surprise: Patriots or Titans?
  • Fresno State falling flat v. Boise State
  • Should seniors like Jake Haener come back another year?
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