Food truck offering Mexican desserts wins over fans in the South Valley

Traditional Mexican sweet bread, churros and other desserts are the inspiration behind creations made at food truck Que Concha.
VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Traditional Mexican sweet bread and desserts are the inspiration behind creations made at food truck Que Concha in the South Valley.

"It makes us remember Mexico. We wanted to bring something traditional to Visalia," said Maira Romo.

Maira Romo and her husband Noe Maldonado started Que Concha two years ago with a sweet idea.

"Our most popular item is the churro sundae. Everyone loves churros. Next is the concha," Roma said.

The concha resembles a seashell, and they use it as an ice cream sandwich and on their drinks. The Mexican fusion desserts allow people to enjoy sweets on another level.

They travel across the Valley and to towns like Porterville and as far north as Fresno.

"We need to go to people so they can taste the deliciousness of Que Concha, and we love to see people's faces, how happy they are," Romo said.

The couple says they were thankful to have some experience under their belt when the pandemic hit.

"It was really hard, but it was a blessing for us. a lot of the places were closed. We were really brave to go out because we have to do it to support our house and our kids," Romo said

Their following has grown on social media with pictures of their creation.

As for the future, the first-time business owners say they're expanding with another food truck and believe hard work pays off.

"To go get their dreams. Don't stop dreaming. Everything's possible," Romo said.

A sweet business with a traditional flair.

You can catch Que Concha around town by following them on social media.

They'll be at the Visalia Rawhide game on Saturday, July 10.

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