CEO of Arizona company fired after yelling racial slurs at Uber driver

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A CEO of a well-known company in Arizona has lost his job for the choice words he used while in an Uber.

The ride-share company driver said when he asked the passenger to sit in the back seat instead of the front, the man started using racial slurs.

Arizona State student, Randy Clark: Front seat use is reserved for parties of three or more.

CEO: Is it because I'm white? And you're a f***** N****? You are a ***** idiot."

Clark says he started implementing a policy to not allow anyone in his front seat after he was sexually assaulted.

That rule was never a problem until this man tried to hop in the front.

Clark: Mind sitting in the back?

CEO: No, I don't like to sit there.

Clark: I don't like when people sit in the front.

CEO: I'm here, sitting in the back.

CLARK: Sir, please leave my vehicle.

The driver quickly filed a complaint with Uber, and then did some digging on his own.

He learned the customer was the CEO of an organic fertilizer company in Tempe.

Uber has issued a statement saying they have suspended the CEO's account while they investigate.

The passenger has also reached out to Clark directly to apologize for his use of racial slurs.
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