Rain means good news for farmers

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The more rain the better and so far, Fresno County Farm Bureau CEO Ryan Jacobson says we're off to a good start.

"We've had some very good totals up and down the valley and most importantly, we've had some very good precipitation up in the mountains, so we love this," said Jacobson.

He said precipitation in November is a positive sign. This year's water season total was slightly higher than anticipated, and that's due to carryover from the year prior. That might not be the case for 2019. According to Jacobson, all it takes is a few strong rains to make a great year.

"Precipitation here in the Central Valley really is made by five to seven series of storms that come in, and this is one of those storm events. If we can continue this throughout the next three to four months, it will put us in really great shape," said Jacobson.

If rain continues and temperatures dip down, it could make for a bad mix. Citrus fruit is in season and can be damaged by cold temperatures. Alyssa Houtby, Director of Government Affairs with California Citrus Mutual, says as long as they are above 30 degrees, they're not too worried.

"It is actually a good temperature to be at, especially for our heartier varieties such as navel oranges, lemons," said Houtby. "They can withstand those colder temperatures, and it actually helps bring out the color of the fruit and the flavor."

If it gets too cold, measures are in place to protect crops. Fans and sprinklers keep temperatures a little warmer in fields and prevent freezing. Houtby says the only current drawback is that when it rains, they can't harvest.
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