Drones taking real estate marketing to new heights

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Real estate agents in Fresno have a new marketing tool. They're using drones to photograph high-end homes and ag properties.

Derek Celedon is a real estate photographer, and he's using a drone to capture high-definition images of a home in Clovis. "That's what everyone wants to see, different angles as opposed to what Google Maps has to offer," Celedon said.

He says the photos will help the home sell and stand out online. J.P. Shamshoian agrees. He's the president of Realty Concepts in Fresno, and the drone is his newest marketing tool.

"Ten years ago, there's just no way you could have done this," Shamshoian added, "other than paying $1,000 for a helicopter."

Just last year, realtors weren't allowed to use drones. The Federal Aviation Administration recently changed the rules and started granting commercial permits. Since then, Shamshoian has been hiring people like Celedon to do the work. So far, he's used the pictures to sell higher-end homes and ag properties.

Shamshoian said. "It gives an impressive, grand view of the home, especially on some of these higher-end properties where you really can't get an idea of how the home goes together."

The FAA does have some guidelines for commercial drones. They have to weigh 55 pounds or less, they can only fly during the day, no higher than 500 feet and they have to be within eyesight of the operator.
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