Fresno County homeowner getting the run-around after home floods

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- 3516 North Locan Avenue with its tall weeds and untrimmed hedges isn't an abandoned property. The owner, Jayson Zarcone, says it just feels like one.

"Trying to hang in there, but everybody is refusing to talk to us or take responsibility," said Zarcone who lives in Fresno County.

The 1.5-acre property butts up to a canal, and that's where problems began in January. Zarcone says Floyd Johnston Construction admitted they forgot to turn on their pumps on a night water was being released upstream. His house was flooded knee deep as a result.

"I want their word to mean their word. The owner specifically told me they have great insurance, they pay them millions every year, and if they don't take of it, they personally will."

Not only has that not happened, the Zarcone's say apart from stripping the house down to its studs, no other work has been completed in five months. The family says the construction company and its insurance have stopped responding.

"Everybody is trying to run from it. Nobody is taking care of anything, and it's just wrong."

We tried reaching out to Floyd Johnston Construction by phone three times over the past week and even visited headquarters. Nobody would answer. When we called the Fresno Irrigation District, they refused to comment.

"We didn't come out here trying to scam anybody or get something that we didn't already have. We are simply asking for our stuff to be replaced the way it was; I don't think that is anything above and beyond."

The Zarcones say all they want is some communication. The longer the repairs take, the more there is to fix. Their house and landscaping are also estimated to cost half a million to reconstruct. Their foundation and patience is cracking more every day.
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