Reedley Beach closed to all due to dangerous water conditions

The Tulare County Sheriff's Office closed their portion of the Kings River on Thursday, saying it's just too dangerous for recreational activities right now.

That means no swimming or boating.

"It's moving very fast, it is extremely cold," said Tulare County Sheriff's Office Media Supervisor Ashley Ritchie. "It's about 20 degrees colder than your swimming pools."

On Friday, deputies set up closure signs and tape at popular spots along the river, like Lindy's Landing, where the river has engulfed the campgrounds.

Unfortunately, the owners say there's nothing to do but go with the flow.

They've been calling customers to see if they'd like to reschedule their reservations.

Closure signs were also up at Club Royal Oak RV Resort near Kingsburg.

Deputies could be seen patrolling the river near the resort Friday afternoon.

"So even if you come down here, you will see our presence," Ritchie said. "We will be out here all the time making sure that everyone is following the rules and again, it's about your safety."

The Fresno County side of the river is still open to recreational use, but Reedley city officials shut down their beach Friday morning.

"When we saw the beach side was closed, we thought we'll just come over here," Reedley's Jimmy Abrica said.

Abrica and family went to Cricket Hollow, which was still open.

He made sure to keep a close eye on his energetic nephews.

He understands the need for closures when the river gets this high and this strong.

"There's always some type of flooding going on, if it's due to the rain or water resources" Abrica said. "But it's always good to see a lot of water."

By Friday afternoon, the Army Corps of Engineers was releasing more than 9,200 cubic feet of water per second from Pine Flat Dam.

Earlier this month, the Kings River Water Association said the high release rate could continue through June.

The Tulare County Sheriff's Office says they'll reopen the river when it's safe.
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