Kings Canyon Unified schools get summer renovations

REEDLEY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Students at Reedley's Jefferson Elementary will be walking into more than just a brand new school year, they will also have new classrooms. A modernization project is bringing eight of them into the now.

Everything from the walls to the storage, to the soon to be added furniture, will be all new. They are also getting some new technology like projectors and electronic whiteboards.

Renee Delport, Communications Officer for the Kings Canyon School District, said the upgraded atmosphere will improve the learning experience.

"They are not going to have to be concerned about something that is a discomfort to them, we want students to be comfortable in their learning environment so they can focus solely on their learning."

Staff is also getting an upgrade, the administration office is undergoing a complete facelift.

"There is a lot of pride, anytime you have something new and fresh and clean, there is a lot of pride that comes with that," said Delport.

The work at Jefferson is part of the district's $15-million improvement project, funded by the state and Measure K. Many other schools also got some love including Reedley High School. Their Ag classrooms are in the process of being brought to the 21st century.

"Reedley High School has a really rich history of agriculture science, with our new classrooms students will be able to be hands-on, they will really be able to take things to the next level," said John Ahlin, Reedley High Principal.

When students walk up and down the steps of the administration building they will notice historical eras and some of their favorite books on the steps.

"We want them to be excited about the environment they are in, I would also like them to see that they can go ahead an be real exploratory, reach the next level, really think outside the box," said Ahlin.

Renovations are expected to be completed by the first day of school on the 15th of August.
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