Reedley Police search for suspects smashing car windows

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Seventeen car windows were smashed in Downtown Reedley since November. (KFSN)

Since November, 17 car windows have been smashed in Downtown Reedley. The crimes are happening along G Street, where suspects are targeting cars in broad daylight.

In some of cases, victims are leaving their purses or other valuables out in the open.

"It could be merely paperwork, there's a lot of ID theft that goes along with this too so most people think of valuables computers cell phones but also paperwork left out could be an easy target as well," said Lt. Marc Ediger.

Almost all victims have been burglarized but there has been some cases where cars have been ransacked with nothing stolen.

Police officers say one of those smash and grabs actually happened here right outside of their police department.

One block away from the police department is Bank of America, where one of their clients fell victim to the smash and grabs. They say one of their elder customers left her purse in her car and walked out to find it gone with a shattered window.

They are working on getting surveillance video to the police department.

The Gnardog Crossfit Gym shares that parking lot with the bank and says it is uncommon to have these crimes happening so often in their area the last few weeks.

"We have a great community here of people, great people but just like any community we have unfortunately some that make it worse for everybody, business owner Matthew Tuttle.

The gym is reminding their customers to hide their valuables or to try parking as close to the front door as they can so they can keep an eye on their cars.
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