Workout Wednesday: Changing up your ab routine

Get the most out of your ab workout.

Local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy shares some of her favorite exercises to target the core.

When working out abdominals, it's important to think about a variety of exercises, so that you aren't bored and continue to see consistent results.

Rhonda says the bird-dog exercise helps to work the core and stabilizers to prevent rotation, as well as helps with balance. You want to get down on all fours, using your hands and knees, and keep your back flat. Point your arm forward and slowly bring the opposite leg up and out.

Another exercise Rhonda suggests is the side leg lift. Lie on your side, bending your bottom leg, prop yourself up with your elbow, and bring your leg up as high as you can in a controlled fashion. Keep your hip neutral without rolling it backward. Keep it straight while lifting your leg. You should feel the exercise target your core.
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