Rite Aid armed robbery suspects may be linked to similar crimes, police say

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A suspect wanted in connection with a Rite Aid robbery in Northeast Fresno remains at large.

According to Fresno police, he's one of four people accused of robbing the pharmacy at First and Bullard Friday night, after assaulting an employee.

"One of the employees ended up questioning what they wanted and was actually attacked and punched in the face," Lt. Dave Madrigal of the Fresno Police Department said.

The suspects filled pillowcases with promethazine and oxycodone. A witness in the parking lot followed the suspects when they took off in a silver BMW with paper plates.

The chase dead ended six miles away at Alluvial and First. All four ran off to a nearby field. Two were arrested almost immediately, while one made it to Moraga Road.

The suspects, two nineteen-year-olds and a fifteen-year-old remain in police custody. The fourth is at large but police say they have a good lead.

They add these suspects are likely connected to at least 10 other robberies from Reno to Fresno. In addition to an attempted robbery at the CVS on First and Shields less than an hour before the Rite Aid robbery.

Those employees confronted the suspects and they took off. Sgt. Trukki with the Madera Police Department says the Rite Aid on Olive was robbed February 23rd by men fitting a similar description. They also targeted the pharmacy, stealing several bottles of promethazine and oxycodone.

"The resale value it's something that's been targeted over the last few years not only in Madera but other cities. They sell it for a higher market value," Trukki said.

Police do have a person of interest but aren't releasing any information as to not taint the investigation.
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