Non-profits build affordable housing in Riverdale

RIVERDALE, Calif. (KFSN) -- Construction workers are hard at work building houses in the community of Riverdale. The building materials include wood, nails, and love.

One of the eleven affordable houses is now under construction which will go to low income, working families in need of a place to call home. All of this made possible by a partnership between Fresno Counties Habitat for Humanity and Self Help Enterprises.

"In rural communities, the need is extremely great because families are needing to spend so much on their housing they are having to make a tough choice, housing or food, housing or medical supplies," Habitat for Humanity CEO Matthew Grundy said.

That need is also recognized by longtime resident and Fresno County Board Supervisor Buddy Mendes.

"There has always been a need, in fact, a couple of years ago there was actually no houses for rent. There was no housing so this was very important," Mendes said.

By building these houses the two organizations are investing almost two-million dollars into the community. Families will be able to pay off their homes through low-interest loans and even physical labor.

Self Help Enterprise CEO Tom Collishaw said, "This is a way people can do it who don't have the kind of resources that it provides a down payment, they can provide that down payment through their labor."

Two of the homes are currently under construction, they will not start on the other nine until Self Help Enterprises finds families for each one.
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