Armed robbers strike 7 victims wearing gold chains over span of 5 hours in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Within a five hour span on May 3, seven people fell victim to armed robbers.

Surveillance video shows the brazen attacks at each of the five locations. The first happened at El Mercado, and the footage shows how the suspects found their potential victims.

According to police, Vinny Romero, Jason Rodgers, and Eduardo Gomez scouted their victims while inside stores, before following them to the parking lot.

"They point the gun at their face pull the gold chain from their neck," said police chief Jerry Dyer.

Investigators say that same video shows Alexis Torres as their getaway driver.

You see the moments shots were fired at the second location on Cedar and Thomas.

"The victim recognized that he was about to be robbed... ran from the suspects," Dyer said.

As the victim tries to get away, he's shot at but left unharmed.

Shortly after, a man is targeted right in front of his child. As the suspects walk toward Culichi Town's grand opening they approach a father and son.

The little boy thankfully turned around while the suspects pulled a gun on the victim before taking off with his chain.

Around back, surveillance captures the suspects running. That's when they notice their second victim at the west Shaw location.

Their third victim was crossing the parking lot.

Shortly after, the suspects got their next victim at the Ranchwood Condos on south Winery before getting to the Johnny Quick where their violence escalated.

As they pull a gun on their final victim of the night, he fights back

"Both of them fell to the ground ultimately the victim took the gun away from the suspect," Dyer said. "Threw the gun and unfortunately one of the other suspects grabbed the gun and shot the victim."

Street violence bureau detectives were able to capture all four suspects who were booked into the Fresno County Jail on various counts of armed robbery.
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