Police say Tulare man murdered because of domestic violence incident hours earlier

Five people are now facing murder charges for the death of 25-year-old Tulare man Roman Gomez.

They include Kayla Easter, Kayla Bernal, Aaliyah Raygoza, Cesar Lemus, and Fabian Nilo.

Tulare Police believe 24-year-old Nilo was the primary suspect, stabbing Gomez near the intersection of Howard and Alpine early last Tuesday morning.

Easter has also been charged with one count of assault with a deadly weapon - for hitting Gomez with a car.

After the assault, Gomez called the police, but couldn't give his location.

A dispatcher used the 911 system's GPS feature to get officers to him.

"They were able to talk to him when they first arrived but they were having a hard time getting detailed information as to the occurrence because of the fact he was in a lot of pain and complaining of his inability to even breathe," said Sgt. Eddie Hinojosa.

Gomez survived for four days but was taken off life support on Saturday.

Police think the attack was retaliation for some type of domestic violence incident he was involved in the same night.

"We believe that he might have been the primary aggressor in that incident," Sgt. Hinojosa said.

A sixth woman was also arrested for Gomez's murder but has not been charged.

All of the charged suspects are currently in custody and will be back in court next week.
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