Local fitness trainer expanding his reach through new app

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Wayne Harlan is a fitness expert, He owns studio LIVE FIT and He's been in the business of personal training for more than a decade. Over the years he ran into the same problem, he could only take on so many clients. Monday morning it was an issue of the past, as he demoed his new app 'Row Forge' at Bitwise South Stadium.

"This helps me train maybe thousands of people instead of dozens," he said.

The app works in tandem with a rowing machine. It connects via Bluetooth and tracks progress and fitness levels while giving feedback. Harlan said the app is based on the program, The Cardio Code.

"It is the most detailed cardiovascular program ever written into an app and it allows each user to set baseline tests and then it takes those metrics and writes them a personalized training program," he said.

Local Software development company 'Shift3' helped make it all a reality. They put it together and after more than a year of testing the app was ready to be unveiled. Now it is opening new doors for Harlan.

"Wayne and his team can go and they can do a rowing conference in Florida and their leave behind, is that if they enjoy what they had to say then they can train with them," said JP Prendergast, Shift3 Senior business development manager. "Wayne can come on back to the Central Valley and people in Florida can work with him remotely through the app."

Row Forge will be launching in the coming weeks. The app is free and has an optional monthly subscription. Next, Harlan wants to adapt the app to other workout equipment like the bicycle.
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