Doctor at Fresno medical center using new COVID-19 test for quicker results

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- With care, this doctor at Saint Agnes Medical Center is using a new test to determine if someone has COVID-19.

Like most test kits, the results will take time. But unlike others, it won't span over a few days.

Instead, they'll know the results within the hour.

"It is a molecular test that actually can be done and produce results in 45 minutes to an hour and it only has about one minute of hands-on time to prepare it," said Dr. Walter Egerton, Chief Medical Officer at Saint Agnes.

Through the Cepheid Rapid Test, doctors at the facility can do everything in-house.

The way they collect sample cells is similar to the previous method -- swabbing the back of a patients throat through the nose or mouth.

Dr. Egerton said patient testing will be prioritized.

"If they have the presentation that would suggest that they have been infected with coronavirus, then they will be more likely receive the testing, he said.

Egerton said they don't expect a shortage of the rapid test kits and have enough to cover their patient needs.

Not only is it faster, but it's also 95% accurate.

"The earlier you can intervene in this disease the better your outcomes are going to be and that is the key here," he said.

According to Egerton, there's a possibility we might have a more advanced test before the pandemic comes to an end.
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