San Antonio mother handcuffed after protesting son's punishment for waving at graduation

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- A San Antonio mother was handcuffed at her son's high school graduation for protesting the reprimand he received for waving on stage during the ceremony.

Anna Martinez's son, Luis, reportedly broke a rule by waving during the graduation for Highlands High School.

News 4 San Antonio reports that the school chose not give him his diploma as a result.

When Anna protested the decision, she was detained. Police say that she tried to gain access to the stage, which she has denied.

In the video recorded by Luis, Anna is being led to a backstage area. You can hear a voice off-camera discussing the incident with officers.

Anna says she captured video of other students waving on stage and claims not all of them were held backstage.

She says Luis did eventually receive his diploma.