San Jose hit-and-run that injured 2 children caught on camera

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Surveillance video shows the moment a hit-and-run driver ran into two children as they rode their bikes in San Jose.

The video from August 27, provided to ABC7 News by a neighbor, shows the children riding on the sidewalk.

The kids were travelling southbound on Cottle Road in South San Jose around 3 p.m. As they approach El Molino Way, a white sedan rolls through a stop sign, attempts to turn right and hits the children. The driver reverses, then takes a left turn, fleeing from the felony hit-and-run scene.

Police say the victims include a 12-year-old girl and 13-year-old boy who both had on helmets.

Still, the impact threw the victims off their bikes and into the road. The boy's family says he has a broken wrist, sprained fingers, and some bumps and bruises.

The family says the girl suffered a concussion.

San Jose Police are looking for the vehicle involved. Sergeant Enrique Garcia tells ABC7 News the suspect vehicle is a newer white Honda Civic 4-door. They say three people were inside of the car during the crash.

"I can't believe that somebody would do this," Erik Welch said, as he reacted to the surveillance video.

Erik Welch and his family often walk their dogs through the same crosswalk where the hit and run happened.

Welch says he isn't surprised the driver rolled through the stop sign, saying it happens often for drivers trying to turn onto Cottle Road.

"With all these cars parked along here, you can't see when you're coming out of these side streets," Welch said. "So, it's really not surprising. It's really unfortunate though. I hope those kids are OK."

Part of the video shows a man in a hat, attempting to stop the white car.

"He said, 'Stop, stop,'" Rosario Garcia said about her gardener. "He was trying to make them stop so, you know, but the boys did not stop. They just backed up and made a quick left turn."

Garcia didn't witness the crash, but she did say she saw the aftermath.

"I was so scared," she said. "I thought that the boy was, you know, dead or something... something worse."

SJPD says both juveniles were wearing bicycle helmets.

It's asking anyone with to contact the San Jose Police Department's Traffic Investigations Unit at 408-277-4654.
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