NYC doctors remove 98 percent of massive growth that engulfed preschooler's face

NEW YORK -- A young girl from Queens is thriving after having a massive growth removed from her neck -- and her family says she has a bright future ahead.

Sandy Diaz is a sweet pre-schooler who is fond of her Peppa Pig.

While you wouldn't know it by looking at her now, two years ago, her face was engulfed by a massive growth. The growth wrapped around parts of neck and arteries.

Dr. Milton Waner and Teresa O of Lenox Hill Hospital were able to remove about 98 percent of the lymphatic malformation in an eight-hour long surgery.

On Friday, they met with their young patient again. This time they gave her injections of Bleomycin to shrink any remaining pockets of the lymphatic malformation.

The 15-minute procedure took place at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat hospital. At some later stage, her doctors will address her facial bones which were impacted by the growth.

Diaz has made great strides. She is in preschool, she no longer breathes with a trach, and she is eating pureed food and speaking a bit. Occupational therapy will help her catch up to other kids her age.

Diaz's mother hopes she'll soon be able to enjoy a proper meal with her six siblings. Doctors say this will happen soon enough.
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