Missing Sanger girl found at a restaurant in Oregon

Investigators say the girl thought she was talking to a 19-year-old online -- not the 48-year-old suspect.
SANGER, Calif. (KFSN) -- Russell Wayne Deviney, 48, was not the person the 15-year-old girl thought she was talking to online, according to police. But they say he is the man who whisked her away from home.

The Sanger Chief of Police Silver Rodriguez said the girl's family is headed to Oregon to see her for the first time since she disappeared on Saturday. He also said they are still working with the FBI and Oregon police to see what kind of crimes she was subjected to.

The girl's mother reported the 15-year-old had disappeared Saturday night, and on Sunday the mom got a text from the girl, saying she was scared. After that, it was essentially radio science from the girl, but Sanger Police knew that text came from Oregon and they put out an all-points bulletin for help up there. Then on Sunday night, they got the final clue they needed.

"Our officers were able to determine her exact location and we contacted Astoria, Oregon police department, and within a short period of time they were there at a McDonald's restaurant in Astoria and they found her an took her into protective custody," said Rodriguez.

Astoria police determined she was with this man, Russell Wayne Deviney, who's from the state of Washington. He walked away from the fast food restaurant and left his vehicle behind. The FBI is now working with police up and down the West Coast to find him.

Rodriguez said he hopes this incident sends a message to parents about keeping track of kids' online activities. He says teens are sometimes naive and fall prey to tricks like this suspect used, posing as a 19-year-old.
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