Sanger couple found shot dead at home in possible murder suicide, police say

SANGER, Calif. (KFSN) -- Cries echoed near the intersection of Second Street and Second Court in Sanger as family members tried to come to terms with the loss of loved ones.

Friday evening around 4:30 police responded to reports of a husband and wife shot dead in their Sanger home. The grim discovery was made by the deceased couples adult son.

"He came home from work and found his parents deceased inside," said Sanger Police Chief Silver Rodriguez.

The couple was identified by a neighbor as Sara Segura and Ramon Segura Rodriguez. Police believe the husband may have shot and killed his wife then himself, a theory neighbor Paola Garcia believes is true.

"They never really got along," said Garcia. "The guy would always tell her stuff, always make her feel like less of person and woman and just put her down all the time."

Garcia lives next door to the victims, she says that Sara was like an aunt to her.

"I just felt like I had gotten stabbed in my heart and it got thrown away and I felt like my world was ending," said Garcia. "I just felt like it was a nightmare like it was not happening."

Garcia said Sara would frequently tell her and her mom about the abuse she would endure from her husband.

She said Sara felt trapped.

"She would tell me her husband would say, Oh, you are nothing and you are not going to do anything in your life and you are old and you are ugly," said Garcia.

Garcia said that recently Sara filed a divorce and that might have been what sent Ramon over the edge.

"When the divorce was finally going to be final, I think that is when this stuff happened," said Garcia. "I am guessing he was like you are not going to be happy and I am not going to let you be happy."

Police are still investigating what resulted in the two deaths.
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