Sanger law enforcement prepare for the worst through active shooter drills

SANGER, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's a call no police department ever wants to get. But it's one they have to prepare for--an active shooter on a school's campus.

"It's our job to bring order to chaos," said Sanger Police Department Sgt. Jeff Bise.

Kids are going to be running everywhere. It's important that fire and police work together and know what we are supposed to do when we get on scene.

They made it as realistic as possible, searching for those who need help.

Training not only helps officers and firefighters but also the Sanger Unified School District know their roles and how to work effectively together, saving lives and stopping the threat.

"Never in my lifetime would I have thought in education that this would have to be a training. But again for the safety of our students is something that we are always going to put first and again participate in a training like this," said Superintendent Adela Jones.

This year the police department is focused on working closely with firefighters.

They will now go on campus with officers to help the wounded. Officials say this is a new practice across the country.

Their last active shooter training was a few years ago.

In those years there have been several shootings around the nation, which is why officers plan on training every year now.

"Unfortunately school shootings are happening more so than before and we want to be ready for it if it does come to Sanger. Hopefully, it doesn't. If it does we will be ready for it," said Sgt. Bise.

New this year the Sanger Police Department added a second school resource officer to work closely with the school the district.
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