Holiday spirit is shining at Santa Claus Lane's season opening

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Neighbors in the Clovis neighborhood known as Santa Claus lane in the area of Gettysburg and Locan spent the day setting up and testing their lights and decorations.

Friday night they flipped the switch.

"We feel like we are exhibiting the Christmas spirit to our community," said Deb Toews of Clovis.

Deb Toews helped launch Santa Claus Lane four years ago. Next-door neighbor Randy Butler was the first to synchronize his lights and music with the computer system. Randy is moved by kids' reactions.

"This little girl, she was probably about 3-4 years old, started just full-blown crying. Her father looked down and asked are you okay? He thought maybe something had happened. And she's like, it's so beautiful. It touches your heart," said Randy Butler, a Clovis resident.

37 homes in the neighborhood are now synchronized. The displays have helped people meet their neighbors.

"We all know each other really well and I think it's brought us together as a community," Toews said.

If you drive the neighborhood tune into 98.5 FM to listen to Christmas music while you enjoy the sights.

You can also enjoy cinnamon rolls and a taco truck while you're out here.
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