USPS workers answering children's letters to Santa

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- In addition to helping customers beat holiday shipping deadlines, you can find postal workers taking on the role of Santa's helper.

They make sure letters addressed to Santa Claus in the North Pole get answered. It is called Operation Santa.

"It's just a way for us to promote goodwill and provide that service for our customers," said Douglas Smith.

For more than a century, carriers nationwide have helped Santa deliver Christmas cheer to children during the holiday season. This year, letters started coming in as early as October.

Postal workers answer hundreds of the letters per day, in fact, some even take them home to ensure a response.

That is all volunteer time, outside of their sometimes 10 to12 hour work days.

"Some of my favorite letters have been you know we have military members overseas and kids are asking for mom or dad to come home for Christmas," said Smith.

"Some of them are funny as heck," said admin clerk Leslie Lee.

Like this little boys plea to get off Santa's naughty list.

"I'm writing you in an attempt to convince you of a repeal of this decision," said Lee.

Others too difficult to read on camera.

"When somebody is saying they have five brothers and they're asking for food not toys but food because they're hungry that for some reason always bothers me more than others."

"We get some that we end up turning over to charitable organizations to see if we can get them some help."

"Each letter is handwritten, signed by Santa and the Mrs. and addressed to the sender.

In order to stay sensitive to people's beliefs, letters are pre-drafted and do not promise any gifts.
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