Natural hair bill helps boost business for one central Fresno store

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- At "Wig It 2" salon in central Fresno stylists are busy helping their clients, like Keenan Moore, look and feel their best.

"I can wear my natural hair and I don't have to fear showing up to a job or going out to places, based on how my hair looks," said Moore.

Moore is glad he can have some protection due to SB 188.

In July, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the bill which, bans employers or school officials from discriminating against people because of their natural hair.

Salon owner Lisa Lewis Yates says she's seen a 30 percent increase.

"Business has really increased for us over the last 6 months. It increased in ways I never thought I would see again," said Lewis Yates.

The new law which takes effect Jan. 1, bans the enforcement of grooming rules that may affect people of color.

At the salon, locktians, those who specialize in locks, have been busy styling people of all ages.

"They can just go ahead and rock their curls, rock that beautiful afro and not have to worry about going up under chemicals to straighten it out or conform to the pressures someone else has put out there. You can just be you and be natural with it," said Lewis Yates.

Lewis Yates believes this is positive mentally for many and also physically because they can avoid the harsh chemicals.

As for Moore, he believes it's a big step forward for the black community and others embracing their own natural hairstyles.

And if you're looking to make the switch, experts recommend you see a natural hair specialist.
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