Fresno Pacific University makes plans to continue online for spring semester

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno Pacific University students will remain online for at least another semester.

Senior Kayla McCalvy still remembers when she first found out this past spring that students were being sent home.

"I was sitting at a Starbucks and I got that email that we're going online and it almost was like the world stopped for a second," said McCalvy.

The past few months were challenging for students and staff, waiting and wondering when they'd be able to return to campus.

"We didn't know what was going on or what was going to happen we were just waiting second by second for updates," added McCalvy.

The liberal arts student was planning for the best.

"I was making plans to live on campus and be in person completely and be in person for classes and I was looking forward to it," explained McCalvy, "and it was like every couple weeks there was an email that was like maybe not."

Now she's preparing to finish out her last semester of undergrad online. A decision that the faculty says wasn't easy.

"November 23rd Fresno county flipped into the purple tier," said Provost Gayle Copeland. "We made the call at that point to remain virtual and the intention was to give faculty, students and staff time to be able to prepare."

Unlike past semesters FPU was determined to make the decision early this time around.

"We were much more mindful this semester to make the call early enough, so we can plan and prepare," continued Copeland.

As for McCalvy, she says she understands the decision.

"It's not about FPU, it's bigger than FPU and they have health guidelines and standards that they have to follow and I understand that so if I'm virtual and can save someone's life I would do that in a heartbeat," said McCalvy.

After graduating McCalvy plans to start the Fresno Teacher Residency program at FPU and get her master's degree.
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