Hidden Adventures: The Library at Detention

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- If sipping craft cocktails is on your list this summer you might enjoy The Library at Detention. The bar is tucked away in an old bank building in Fresno's Tower District. Downstairs is Detention Billiards, a high school themed pool hall, but find the secret door behind locker number three and you will discover a 1920's themed speakeasy.

Owner Tim Ferrigan is drawn to Prohibition Era history and decided Fresno needed its own secret space. But don't expect the usual bar drinks

"If somebody comes in and they want a jack and coke, this is not a jack and coke bar, but we can lead them into another cocktail that will introduce them along those same lines that may broaden their taste horizons."

Many patrons crowd around the bar to closely observe the making of each craft cocktail, each with fresh herbs and locally grown fruit. There are, however, several intimate spots around the library for those who prefer to remain anonymous.

No T-shirts or ball caps are allowed and reservations are required-- usually a few weeks in advance since space is very limited.

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