Forkner Elementary School in Northwest Fresno has a new, stronger, and much more secure main entrance gate

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- In this day and age security on school campuses is at the forefront.

So when Forkner Elementary in Northwest Fresno needed help updating its main gate entrance -- Steven McGaughy and his family stepped up.

To restrict access onto campus and make visitors go to the office to check in -- McGaughy with approval from the district -- donated his time and materials to move the security gate back four feet, just in time for the first day of school.

Forkner Principal Ryan Duff said, "The school I feel is more secure just because of that one little move a family wanted to do to support our school."

Parents like Crystal Martinez say the added security feature was a long time coming at Forkner.

"As you hear different stories and different things come out in the news, it does make you think like anybody can walk on but now we know they're at least behind the gate. They have to stop in and go through the office they just can't just walk in where ever they want."

McGaughy's day job is manufacturing aftermarket suspension parts for cars and trucks at his family-owned business McGaughy's Suspension Parts.

He says helping the school where his kids attend, and his wife went, at no charge, was a no-brainer

"It was me, and my boys, and my wife doing it together. It was after work and on the weekends. We actually did it! So I don't count that, it was almost like an education deal for them."
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