Business offers Valley residents the chance at 'True Rest'

From cold pressed juices to float therapy, there are more choices to help you get healthy in the Valley.

A new therapy is popping up.

"The idea behind float therapy is zero gravity it's complete relaxation. We have a 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt in about 250 gallons of water so you completely free flow," said Lola Golden, True Rest Fresno manager.

True Rest Float Spa off Champlain and Perrin opened its doors Tuesday afternoon and is the second float spa in the Valley. The area has become home to several fitness businesses.

This comes as Fresno and Clovis are seeing an increased number of healthy new companies.

Alondra Meraz of Fresno said, "I love it. I think it's totally something that is needed and it's great to see that the classes I have been going to are full and people are utilizing it."

While some businesses focus on the mind and spirit, others are focusing on the body.

Re-invent Juicery in the Fig Garden Village Shopping Center offers cold-pressed juices, smoothies, Aaí Bowls and wellness shots.

"We don't carry sugar in our stores. We don't have any kind of processed foods that we sell here. Everything is natural fruits and veggies," said Michelle Lequi, Re-Invent Juicery manager.

One resident swears it's good medicine.

Sergio Thompson of Fresno said, "With my wheatgrass shots and ginger shots I've reduced inflammation and had the opportunity to restore hair growth and also to improve on the complexion."

Float therapy is a newer alternative trend in the Valley.

People can choose to be nude or go in with a swimsuit, sit back and float for 60 minutes.

"The water is inherently sterile anyway. However, once you leave your float the filter kicks on and goes through a UV and ozone technology and runs through a five-micron filter, the process takes 20 minutes," Golden said.

They tout many benefits including pain relief, relaxation and better sleep.

The cost for one session is $79. True Rest will also be offering memberships because they believe once people take advantage of this type of therapy will want to do it more often.