Fresno entrepreneurs develop high-tech lock that uses your face

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A phone app could help you unlock your next rental property or even your car.

Unlocking the door to your next vacation spot could change in the future thanks to the developers behind a software application called Selfi Lock.

"Every individual has either left a key for me at a lockbox, the password there, left it under the rug or with a neighbor or physically met me there," Jorge Cruz with Concentric System explained. "But with our day and technology, we don't need that."

Cruz and Sean Choquette are behind Concentric Core System, a company homegrown out of Fresno State's hatchery program for entrepreneurs. Their invention is called - Selfi Lock. And Choquette says your face is key.

"Recognizes the images of a face and then takes a picture," he explained.

That picture authenticates you and lets you inside with no key. The two want to connect property owners and potential renters on a software app - similar to Uber - but for property.

"So, it's two beacons, one that sees that the property is open and one that seeks that beacon to see if they whether or not they can negotiate a rental agreement, whether it's temporary or for a short stay," Cruz said.

The two have developed it with help from Fresno State students. Choquette says he's learned how important it is to make an app user-friendly.

"The simplest applications, the easiest to use are actually more complex applications out there," Choquette said.

They say technology is changing the future of rentals and they hope to take advantage of that booming business.

"We really don't need that human factor involved and we don't need a lockbox," Cruz said. "We just need authentication."
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