ABC30 gets exclusive tour of Selma's brand new stadium

SELMA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Selma High School's old stadium was built in 1960.

The grand opening of its new stadium was set for March 25th.

But with school suspended, those plans have changed.

The Selma Bears have been waiting to play on their own field for a year.

Action News got an exclusive sneak peek into their new state-of-the-art facility.

"Being that it's the only stadium in Selma, this has been a huge priority. This has been a huge project for not just the district but the community. The grand opening is still going to happen at some point, like everyone we're waiting, we're waiting to see what the Spring can end up. We're optimistic, I think the next official meeting for that will be April 3rd," said Selma athletic director Randy Esraelian.

The Bears wanted to display their school colors. They made the track grey and all exchange lanes orange.

"You won't see a track this color in the Valley," he added.

The school's track program has suffered because they did not have a track facility. Soccer is also getting an upgrade to their playing surface.

"One of the major objectives was to widen the football field to make it soccer FIFA regulations, so soccer games will have their full regulation pitch is what they call it.

"Obviously we played every football game on the road, some people think we did so well on the road maybe we shouldn't play at home. We're expecting a huge crowd for our opening game - second week of the fall against Madera," said Esraelian.

The new weight room has roll-up garage doors.

The Bears will be able to work out with open air. Right beside it are restrooms and a snack bar that will be able to accommodate large numbers. In the back, grass will be added for discus and shotput all inside the stadium.

The school would still like to add some additional features, such as a video board.

"There's three different levels of a donor board, it's really a place where we could raise some money. As the entrance to the stadium you can come and see yourself for as long as you're a Bear Nation supporter,"said Esraelian.

Even though the stadium sits empty for now, Bear Nation will soon fill these seats bringing a whole new game-day experience for the community of Selma.
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