Eyewitness News day-of-air coverage from September 11th, 2001

NEW YORK -- Here you will find day-of-air coverage from September 11, 2001. The stories appear as they aired on Eyewitness News 15 years ago.

As per an editorial decision, you will not see any footage that has been deemed too sensitive to view.

However, to capture the severity of the attack, as well as to reflect the outstanding and emotional work many of our reporters turned out that day, a few of the videos do contain footage of the towers falling.

Please view the videos at your own discretion, and please remember along with us the struggle of all those who died that day.

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N.J. Burkett's 9/11 Account (WARNING: Contains images of towers falling)

Michelle Charlesworth reports on the mass exodus out of New York

Dave Evans talks to New Yorkers

Lauren Glassberg reports from St. Vincent's Hospital

Jim Hoffer's 9/11 Account (WARNING: Contains images of towers falling)

Anthony Johnson interviews a man who escaped the towers

Nina Pineda reports from Lower Manhattan

Stacey Sager talks to witnesses and responders

Marcus Solis reports from Bellevue Hospital

Joe Torres' 9/11 Account (WARNING: Contains images of towers falling)

Lucy Yang reports on stranded passengers
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