Residents across the Valley hope for snow in Shaver Lake

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's raining up in Shaver Lake, with folks hoping for snow. The few inches of snowfall from Wednesday's storm left a few families enjoying what has become a Thanksgiving tradition.

"So we come up to Shaver every Thanksgiving hoping for snow and the last time we came up that it snowed was three years ago and when we saw it was going to snow again - its a family tradition," Malia Villareal of Sanger said.

The snow level starts at around 6,000 feet, and it's just enough for snowball fights, and sledding at this snow park.

"Its really really fun but sometimes if you go too fast you will hit your butt really hard and it hurts," said Eli Miler of Firebaugh.

But if you can't get the family to the snow, you can be like Bob McCurley of Clovis - he's filled a truckload for his grandkids.

"Its a lot easier for the snow to come to them than for them to come to the snow. I was told that yesterday at Thanksgiving, so I am bringing the snow to them," McCurley said.

While the snow has yet to fall on Shaver Lake, business is picking up.

"Its been good its been busy, a lot of people they checked in for Thanksgiving, the weekend is getting busy we are almost fully booked, so yeah," said Roslyn Randrup, an employee at Shaver Lake Village Hotel.

For Willa Thorsen and her family from San Francisco, it's a nice break from the smoke.

"I actually was feeling sick and having a hard time breathing, I came up here and I'm feeling completely better," said Thorsen.

Vhuso Sukuta of Fresno said it felt like Christmas and that his kids really enjoyed it.

Big events coming up this weekend, at Cressmans just before Shaver Lake they are getting ready for the annual crafts fair, a benefit for the local volunteer fire department.

"We have wine tasting that we are going to be hosting, we have a lot of crafts, there will be a lot of things for the kids to do. So it will be a great time for everyone," said Janet Parr, Pinecrest Fire Department.

And the annual Christmas lighting ceremony in Shaver Lake Saturday night.

"That's huge we go all out we have tons of lights, hot chocolate and is everyone looking forward to some snow. Absolutely, yes, the more snow the better," Parr said.

And more snow makes it likely the nearby China Peak Ski area will open on December first. We also want to mention the big Shaver lake Crafts fair this weekend at the community center Saturday and Sunday.
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