Shaver Lake residents preparing for possibility of more snow this week

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Workers and residents in Shaver Lake rolled up their sleeves and got to work on Monday, clearing out several feet of snow that has accumulated since last week.

Now, they're preparing for the possibility of more fresh powder on Tuesday.

"I'm excited," says Gretchen Andersen, Manager at Ken's Market. "I love the weather, we need it. We need the business - we need for everyone to come up here. You just have to be careful."

Andersen saw a sudden surge of customers over the weekend as people were drawn to the snow-capped mountains.

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"Even when there was traffic because people had to pull over and get something to drink, something to eat and get out of the car because if they were coming from China Peak, that was probably a two, two and a half-hour drive," she said. "Time to get out and stretch the legs."

Fresno County crews have also been busy salting and sanding the roads and clearing some minor rock slides. Supervisor Nathan Magsig says the area has weathered the storm well overall.

"Our road crews have been working very diligently to make the culverts that we have in Fresno county remain open, so we didn't have any washouts of any of our roads from this storm, so that is good news," he said.

As temperatures warm up next week, the National Weather Service says it will only be enough to reduce some of the snow cover, but should not result in much runoff.

It's welcome news for this area, which was hit hard by the Creek Fire last year, but people who live and work here are still taking extra precautions as the winter weather continues.

"We just make sure a lot of us coworkers are carpooling, and we have chains and all that safety stuff to get up here in the first place because that is a concern of ours," says Elisabeth Deniston.

With snow in the forecast, officials are reminding anyone driving in the mountains to make sure you have a plan in place. Bring a flashlight, extra water, park in designated areas and slow down.
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