Shed fire in Fresno catches apartment complex on fire displacing families

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Several families are looking for a new place to live Thursday morning after a fire burned a shed and portion of an apartment complex. (KFSN)

It was a sleepless night for apartment manager Alicia Hernandez.

"Very scary, very worried about the families."

Hernandez said she woke up to the sound of a tenant going around banging on doors-- a shed next door was on fire.

"It was just horrible. The winds were blowing so hard that the fire just caught up fast, the apartments were in flames," said Hernandez.

Police got on scene making sure everyone got to safety, but still no fire engines. Hernandez's husband jumped into action trying to stop the flames.

"He was trying to water the back of the building but he said the ashes and fire starting getting on his head-- forget this, and he just dropped the water hose."

To them it felt like it took a life-time for firefighters to get there-- knocking down the flames. Fresno Battalion Chief Bob Van Tassel said their resources were stretched thin because of another fire in the area.

About two miles away an abandoned doctor's office had caught fire less than an hour earlier.

"If they would have been here five minutes, just five minutes earlier I think it would have been saved," said Hernandez.

Hernandez is just thankful everyone made it out alive, but the families forced out by the fire did not have renters insurance.
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