Fresno Police investigating officer-involved shooting in East Central Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Two Fresno police officers are on administrative leave after a shooting in East Central Fresno left one man dead. The incident happened on Shields and Armstrong.

Dispatchers sent Fresno police to Clovis and Clinton Avenues Saturday to look for a man spotted walking down the street carrying a rifle.

"About four to five (officers) were checking the area to determine if the suspect was in that vicinity," said Pat Farmer, Fresno Police Deputy Chief.

But it was during that search police responded to something else.

"The officer noticed a vehicle driving at a high rate of speed and activated emergency lights and sirens, and the vehicle failed to pull over for the officers for about a half a mile," said Farmer.

The 19-year-old driver of the truck eventually pulled over into a Chevron gas station on Shields Avenue. That's where he was asked to show both hands.

"The sole occupant of the pickup would show the officers one hand at a time and kept one hand hidden. When the officers asked to see his right hand he would show his left, and when he was asked to see his left he would show his right," said Farmer.

Police said, when the driver stepped out of the truck, he had one hand in his waistband-- the other behind his back.

Farmer said, "At that point, the subject made a statement he hated his life and made a movement to his back at which time he was shot several times."

Officers said they are not sure if the person shot is the same person who was reportedly walking around with a rifle.

Police said they did a general search of the truck and no weapon was found.

Investigators said body cameras on both officers will be used in the investigation.
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