Big Wins Day coming back to Clovis

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Clovis businesses are trying an old method to boost their sales.

Clovis city leaders are almost bribing people to shop. The goal is to inject a million dollars into the Clovis economy in one day. "If you enter this contest it doesn't matter what you purchase you still get a raffle ticket for every $10. So if you spend $100 and you have thousands of people who do that, that's quite an infusion," explained Carole Lester, business organization of Old Town Clovis.

The idea Big Wins Day is returning after a successful run back in 2008. The promotion had taken a break due to the recession. Some local business owners said word of a comeback is already out and some shoppers are making plans. "We had several people mention to us that they would be back to buy larger ticketed items because it would qualify for more ticket items for the raffle," said Andres Rodriquez, Brick & Mortar.

For every $10 you spend on Wednesday shoppers get one raffle ticket-- prizes are donated by local businesses. Several stores in Old Town Clovis have already picked prizes for the raffle. They include appliances, TVs, and gift certificates.

The anticipation of more customers on a normally slow business day is creating excitement. "We expect a lot of people, we always have a good time when Big Wins Day is around," said Bruce Jackson, Jackson Jewelers.

"It's a fun event. A lot of people come out, shop in Old Town Clovis and such-- spending the money in Clovis. Keeping it local and hopefully winning something at the end of the day, " said Tammy Shultz, Clovis Appliance.

Clovis city leaders said this event builds a stronger relationship with businesses and their customers who live and work here. "It is a way of giving back. So all of the retailers who are donating items or gift certificates are also donating things to the community. And so it is a community-wide event, a community builder," said Lester.

Shoppers who make a purchase on Wednesday just need to head over to the Sierra Vista Mall with a receipt by 7:15 p.m. to pick up a raffle ticket.

The drawing will happen at 7:30 and winners must be present to win.
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