Consumer paradise at the Big Fresno Fair

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- If you're heading to the Big Fresno Fair you can get your fill of rides, food and shopping.

Jerry Mascuzzio knows how to put on a show at the Big Fresno Fair. "Anyway you want it. Pico de gallo, sasa verde, ceviche, tortas. Whatever you like this machine will cut it." Day in and day out he greets customers inside the commerce building showing them the salsa master, one of the hot ticket items.

"We have vendors that are selling everything, you can get every gadget and gizmo, as seen on TV item, our vendors are doing really well. People are coming out and purchasing items," said Lauri King, Deputy Fair Manager.

Vendors say people come to the fair to eat, have fun and shop. "Everybody has a different thing they enjoy doing. Rather its eating or cleaning its something or looking nice with their hair," said Paul Patterson of Paul's Products.

Over at JLQ Concessions, also known as Pepe's, aqua frescas and fresh fruit are impressing fair goers. Erica Quintero of JLQ Concessions said, "Its not fried. Its healthy. Its guilt free eating here at the fair."

This year, vendors say they're seeing an increase in sales. "Everyday I've been up, except for a couple, but overall its about 20, so we are happy," said Quintero.

Other big sellers include home made quilts and an all terrain wagon with shade covers.

For many of the vendors this is their last fair of the year. They hope to bring in extra sales until the fair wraps up on Sunday. null
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