How some families are taking advantage of Black Friday deals

Shopping on a budget this time of year can be difficult especially if you are looking to please all the kids on your Christmas list.

Nerf guns, dolls, and Legos whatever your child is into there is most likely a toy that goes with it and retailers have us convinced that the best time to buy just might be on Black Friday.

"You have to come is the day...the games are buy one get one free...the dolls are buy one get one free"

Deals are everywhere we found Alex Blanco and his wife methodically going through the toy aisles at Target with a list in one hand while pushing a cart full of Black Friday deals.

"These are our nephews our nieces...our kids so you're going to spend the money because you worked all year for it and if you're not going to spend it on your kids who you going to spend it on," said Blanco.

But toys can be expensive experts say to make a list and stick to a budget.

Sandy McWilliams said, "We save up the whole year...we have a budget the whole for the toys at the end for the grandchild...daughter and son n laws."

And despite the chaos that can be Black Friday shopping shoppers we spoke to say they actually enjoy the experience of hunting for bargains.

"Why did you decide to come to Target on Black Friday? -- for the best deals...and the thrills its an excitement to be out with everybody else getting the deals," said Gracie Nelson.

If you missed out on any of the Black Friday deals Cyber Monday is a just a few days away.
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