New trend in holiday lights across the Valley

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Walking into Lowes in north Fresno, you will find yourself surrounded by Christmas in their holiday shop.

Clovis resident Steve Jensen said he is getting ready to put decorations up for his mother.

"She bugged me the last time I saw her with when are you going to put my tree up. So it's coming. Sunday I told her I'll be there."

Shoppers are eager to get their hands on the coolest and latest decorations.

Manager Dan Grewe said topping this year's list is laser projectors, which run on average about $40. The store has even sold out of its red and green color.

"You know there are the projectors which are much more popular. Last year was really the first year they got pretty big and we have a much wider selection this year," said Grewe. "Those ones you pretty much put into the ground, they show up on the house. You don't have to be on the roof to set them up you don't have to pull out the ladder. They're much easier to work."

Shoppers can get regular projectors that shine on your house or LED projectors. They each come in different colors.

Also new this year, a combination of a Christmas light and a projector.

"They're bulbs that you hang but they also do the projection as well. So you hang them and they can project back on the house," said Grewe.

Another popular item at Lowes is the Disney line.

"The Disney was new for us. It was a great seller for us we just didn't have enough of it," said Grewe.

While the mouse projector sold out, there is a variety of lights still on sale.

Another hit with customers are the inflatables from reindeer to a nativity set and more. So whether it is a small figurine or a large display, experts said any kind of decoration you put up will spread holiday cheer this year.
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