SF judge may order new trial in $289 million Monsanto case

A judge in San Francisco says she is ready to order a new trial in a $289 million judgment against agri-business giant Monsanto.

In August, a jury found the company responsible for DeWayne Johnson's cancer.

The Bay Area groundskeeper was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2014 at age 42.

But in a tentative ruling Wednesday afternoon, a judge said Johnson did not provide any evidence that Monsanto employees believed that exposure to the common weed killer Roundup caused his lymphoma.

If a new trial does happen some believe the judge will still rule in Johnson's favor... but significantly lower the amount Monsanto has to pay.

"I don't think she was persuaded to change her mind about punitive damages. That's the big amount, that's $250 million. I don't think she was persuaded by Mr. Miller on maintaining the $33 million," said David Levine, a law professor.

The judge is expected to make a final ruling within two weeks.

Johnson's lawsuit is among hundreds alleging Roundup caused cancer, but his was the first one to go to trial.
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