Shoppers skip out on Thanksgiving celebrations to hit Black Friday sales

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Another year where some people are skipping out on Thanksgiving celebrations until after they hit the Black Friday sales.

"I usually wait till after 8 p.m. on turkey day but there's a first time for everything," Steven Leduc.

Shoppers have been lining up since Wednesday night, most of them hoping to get a sharp 50-inch flat screen TV on sale for about $180.

In a poll taken by ABC30, we asked people how much they are planning on spending on holiday gifts and the majority of them said between $100 and $500 dollars, putting the TV right in their price range.

Steven Leduc was not interested in staying overnight and although he is not at the front of the line, he had some help making sure he was fed on Thanksgiving when a friend stopped by to bring him lunch.

"I'm alright right here I'm going to walk away with something maybe not the door buster but I'll walk away with something around here," said Leduc.

Others hoping to be the first year after year, just cannot seem to beat the other early birds-- 8 p.m. Wednesday night, was just a little too late for Lionel Gutierrez.

"This year and last year vie been staying here overnight I always try to be the first person in line but I can never be that first person," said Gutierrez.

But whether they walk out with that 50-inch TV or not, Thanksgiving shoppers are still planning to celebrate the holiday and enjoy a nice meal when they are finished.

"I've got such a big family I've got to make about three pit stops and then apologize to all of them," said Adrian Munoz.
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