These retailers are open on Thanksgiving Day 2017

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Through a sea of yellow shopping carts, last-minute shoppers are buying the final few things they need for their Thanksgiving meals.

"We totally forgot our ice, our foil, then we figure hey let's pick up some other things," said Jessie Franco.

While grocery shops like Food Maxx stayed open for a few hours, several chains like JoAnn Fabrics, Staples, and Costco kept their doors closed.

But while the big box retailers are off for the holiday, other local Merced shops are raking in customers wanting to get a head start their gift shopping list.

"Everyone's closed, we're open. They stop here. It's worth it. It's like Christmas to us," said Carlos Loredo.

Faithful Best Buy shoppers have been waiting in line for hours. Target and GameStop are also expected to open their doors to customers seeking deals on Thursday evening.

Despite the need to save a couple of dollars, many say it is not worth it.

"We should be at home celebrating with family, that can wait," said Franco.

In a survey of 500 people who were asked if they planned to do any shopping on Thanksgiving Day, 77 percent said no, while barely 20 percent said yes, the rest were not sure.

"I'm going to spend it with family at the house and don't have plans to go shopping. I don't know what will happen later," said Linda Moorehead.

As for when they will start shopping. It is an even split between people who have started and those who plan to wait.

"I can hold off until tomorrow, there's a lot small of local business having sales. I've never do the Thanksgiving Day or Thanksgiving night," said Jeanne Temple.
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