What are the Hottest Toys This Holiday Season?

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- This is Kendama and the craze is taking over the valley.

"It is very hot in the schools and with all of the young kids," Hobbytown USA employee Chris Mungary said.

Mungary said the store has been stocking up on their supplies. "This is an object that brings them back into reality and out of the tech world," Mungary said. "It brings them back into the fact that we can still have fun with wood and string."

The object is simple to put the ball in the cup, and it's quite addicting.

Chris tried to teach an Action News reporter how to play and after failed attempts "swing around," Mugary exclaimed. "She made it."

The store sells a variety of models and expects the Kendama to be a best seller this holiday season.

"There's lots of expensive gadgets and gizmos out for the holidays," Mungary said. "And this is an item that's under $20 and something they can afford."

From old-school toys to new technology, one of the hottest toys this holiday season are smart scooters, also known as hover boards.

You can't fly right now so this is the closest thing you can do." Smart Scooter employee Gurpreet Prar said. "People really love these things."

Employees at the smart scooter at Fashion Fair mall said people have been stopping by to get a look at these toys. "This one is $450, it's the V1," Prar told a shopper.

"I think they're awesome," shopper Darlene Barger exclaimed.

The employees said the scooters are fun and easy to ride.

Smart Scooter employees said they hope for strong sales this holiday season and will be gliding around their booth until Santa comes.

While it may not be Marty McFly's hoverboard, it's a ride that will definitely make you feel like you're flying.
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